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With our multiannual experience in computers we can help in your every need.

Software Development

The area we focus is software development. We like to build new innovative solutions and rich user experiences as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies. We can offer our customers a clear technological advantage over the competition. We love organization and accuracy and we will have your project ready in time that is required.

Our experience spans almost all Microsoft platforms, some of which are

Desktop Development

On the desktop we have created Windows Form applications in the areas of newspaper editing, medical software and many others. In addition we are pioneers in developing WPF applications.

Web Development

What we really love though, is building applications for the Web. Whatever your need is, whether you're looking for a content management solution, or if you want to create your own online store, or even if you want to build the next killer web app, we can help.

Content Management Having developed a content management platform that has been tested on major news sites which have large traffic and a great number of features, we can undoubtedly meet your every content management need.

E-Commerce With many years of experience in implementing e-commerce websites there is no doubt that we can build your online business.

Cloud Development if you are concerned about issues such as management and infrastructure costs, performance and scalability issues, then we can discuss the development of your application using the Microsoft cloud computing offering. All of our solutions have been tested on Microsoft windows Azure and can give you all the benefits of cloud computing.

Mobile Development

With the mobile telephony market flourishing, the creation of applications for it gives you an important business advantage. From our part, with experience in developing applications in the Windows Mobile platform, we can help create it.

Windows 8 Apps

With the arrival of Windows 8, the way that users interact with the operating system has changed. Now Windows support besides the classic desktop PC, tablets and touch screens, as well as a new series of applications, Windows 8 Apps. We can help you create your own app and make it available through the Windows Store in over 100,000,000 users.


If you need to train your staff on the latest Microsoft technologies, we can help. Our expertise and the ability to broadcast has resulted in companies such as Microsoft to trust our people in order to present their new technologies.

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